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10 Things I wish You Knew (A note from a special kid to special parents)

1.     You are the perfect parents for me. I know that you did not sign up for a kid like me- I also know that you sometimes think you cannot face what it takes to raise me.  I want you to know that this is not true.  I believe that I chose you.  Whatever you need to learn, you will learn.  The strength you think you need will come from somewhere.  The people you need to meet will show up when you need them. 

2.     This is the perfect life for me. My life is a very special one.  I believe that I will impact the world in a unique and wonderful way.  

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Advice From a College Bound Drama Queen~ Chelsea Bruha

 I find it ironic how I’m writing an article giving advice to others when I am the one in need of advice. I am about to move away to college, and start doing my own laundry. That thought alone terrifies me. However, this advice column is for those who have graduated high school and are about to pursue the next big thing of their life.

I knew that once you left high school that nothing would be the same. But man, I never realized that nothing would be the same. The first week of summer was filled with graduation parties; a.k.a., a wild chaotic series of congratulations, free food, too much cake, hellos, goodbyes, and good lucks.

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Marlee Matlin: What My Parents Understood by Karen Putz

Marlee Matlin stepped into a brilliant spotlight when she accepted the 1986 Oscar for her performance in the film Children of a Lesser God. Never before had a deaf person made this kind of splash in Hollywood, and, to top it off, she was the youngest actress to ever receive an Oscar in that category.. Since then, Marlee has gone on to have an incredible career as an award-winning actress, appearing in a variety of TV programs. Marlee’s savvy portrayal of a political pollster/consultant on NBC’s highly acclaimed West Wing presents a fresh role model for all young deaf and hard of hearing kids.

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Matthew Weighs In with Hard of Hearing Perspective

By Matthew Martin

Ed. Note:  Martin is a 21 year old  graduate student at the New York University’s Stern  School of Business and currently lives  in New York City.  He was born with a 50 dB bilateral hearing  loss due to a non-functioning thyroid.

I was just surfing the internet for self-discovery when I happened upon  the Hands & Voices site.  I first read  the “Social Bluffing” article and learned there was an actual term for what I’d  been doing so much all my life, ha ha. I’ve gotten very good at social bluffing  by focusing on the tone of voice, length of sentence, relative volume, and  facial expression. 

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