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Does My Deaf Child Need an IEP? – Leeanne Seaver

What happens when schools tell us our kids aren’t eligible for special education?

This is happening more and more with pre-school kids, but it can occur at any age through the public school years.

The Scenario

Take a child who was identified deaf or hard of hearing at birth, give him effective early intervention services (an IFSP/Part C of the Inleftiduals with Disabilities Education Act/IDEA) right from the start until he is functioning with age-appropriate ability, and at age three enter him into the public school system (Part B) and be refused eligibility because the child isn’t delayed significantly or at all, and, according to the school, won’t qualify for special education services (an IEP).

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Matthew Weighs In with Hard of Hearing Perspective

By Matthew Martin

Ed. Note:  Martin is a 21 year old  graduate student at the New York University’s Stern  School of Business and currently lives  in New York City.  He was born with a 50 dB bilateral hearing  loss due to a non-functioning thyroid.

I was just surfing the internet for self-discovery when I happened upon  the Hands & Voices site.  I first read  the “Social Bluffing” article and learned there was an actual term for what I’d  been doing so much all my life, ha ha. I’ve gotten very good at social bluffing  by focusing on the tone of voice, length of sentence, relative volume, and  facial expression. 

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