AUDIENT helps low income people nationwide access quality hearing aids and related care at a significantly lower cost.

Disabled Children’s Relief Fund
Disabled Children’s Relief Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides disabled children with assistance to obtain wheelchairs, orthopedic braces, walkers, lifts, hearing aids, eyeglasses, medical equipment, physical therapy, and surgery. Recipients are children who are blind, deaf, amputees, and those who have been diagnosed with disabilities. DCRF focuses special attention on helping children throughout the U.S. that do not have adequate health insurance, especially the physically challenged.

Donor’s Choice

Website information: is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on their site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you.

When a project reaches its funding goal, they ship the materials to the school. You will get photos of the project taking place, a letter from the teacher, and insight into how every dollar was spent. Give over $50 and you will also receive hand-written thank-yous from the students.

Projects can remain on their site for up to 4 months, but teachers can set earlier deadlines if they choose.

How it works

   1. Choose the exact items you need and describe how they will benefit your students.

   2. People, companies and foundations donate funds.

   3. Once funded, they will send the resources directly to your classroom.


The Elizabeth Church Clarke Trust

Contact person:  Cecille Kelly

Address:              Scottish Rite Temple

                            709 SW 15th Ave

                            Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503-226-7827

FAX:   503-223-3562

They would like a letter submitted with general information about the child and about what is being requested.  They arrange a home visit and then the board meets once a month to make a decision.

First Hand Foundation
First Hand Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps children with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted. Their mission is to directly impact the health status of a young life.

Foundation for Sight and Sound – Help America Hear ProgramThe Foundation for Sight and Sound through it’s Help America Hear Program provides hearing aids for men, women, and children with limited financial resources.

The HIKE Fund, Inc. (Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund)
Supported by Job’s Daughters International, the HIKE Fund provides hearing devices for children with hearing loss between the ages of newborn and twenty years whose parents are unable to meet this special need financially. Approximately 100 children are provided with hearing devices each year through this fund. An application is available online at: go to website and click on the “APPLICATION” link.  Estimated time from receipt of completed application is 4 months.

If you have any questions or would like to have assistance from a representative of Job’s Daughters in your area, please contact:

The HIKE Fund, Inc.

C/o HIKE Board Executive Secretary

530 Elliott Street

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503-0202



KEX Kids Fund

IF your child is not eligible for coverage with Oregon Health Plan and they do qualify for free or reduced price lunch, they may be eligible to receive assistance from KEX with the purchase of hearing aids and earmolds.   If you have special circumstances, you may write a letter explaining your situation and it will be reviewed by the board of directors for KEX.

Website information:

Contact: Audiology Center Northwest

825 NE 20th Ave,, Suite 230

Portland, OR 97232


Lions Clubs

In Oregon, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation have been

providing high quality rebuilt used hearing aids to Oregonians who

cannot afford to purchase new aids. Contact them at (503)413-7399

To reach your local club, visit or call 800-

747-4448 to get the number to your state Lions Club office, which

can refer you to your community representative.

Miracle-Ear® Children’s Foundation
The Miracle-Ear® Children’s Foundation serves and supports children who have a hearing loss by providing no-cost hearing aids and hearing support services to children whose families have incomes that are significantly limited and who are unable to afford the high costs of quality hearing instruments.

OCCYSHN – Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs.

Funding provided by The Sidney and Lillian Zetosch Fund for the Oregon Community Foundation for Oregon children under the age of 21 who have a diagnosed disability and whose family has financial need

Website information:

Questions?  Gillian Freney –


Fax: 503-494-2755

Application must be made by an education, disability services or health care provider.  Families may not apply directly on behalf of their child.  The maximum grant is $1500 per child and the minimum request is $100.  The equipment requested must address educational needs.  Supporting documentation must explain what the education need is and how the equipment addresses that need.Complete the attached form and fax it to 503-494-2755 or email it to:freneyg@ohsu.ed


OEA Foundation (Oregon Education Association)

Website: Established in 1995, the OEA Foundation provides educators with up to $100 grants to help students meet basic, urgent and immediate needs so they can succeed in school. Cash grants from the Foundation fill needs unmet by any other source

Any active OEA member who encounters a student in need can make a request for funds from the OEA Foundation.  An online application for the grant is available at:  The fund would cover earmolds and/or batteries.


This is a civic service organization that has more than 600 clubs

nationwide, some of which collect used hearing aids, have them

refurbished, and distribute them to local, low-income seniors in

need. Visit or call 816-333-8300 to locate a club

in your area. Sertoma has launched Hearing Charities of America

(, an affiliate program that provides hearing

aids to those in need who don’t live near a participating club.

Starkey Hearing Foundation – Hear Now Program
Hear Now is a national non-profit program committed to assisting low income individuals permanently residing the in the U.S. who are deaf or hard of hearing and have no other resources to acquire hearing aids. To learn more, call 800-328-8602 or visit Sotheworld where you can download an application.

The StoneRidge Foundation:  StoneRidge Kids

Local Contact Person:   Amy Treat

Phone:  503-352-0188

Fax: 503-352-0185

This is a local foundation started to help families with the purchase of new hearing aids, repair of broken hearing aids, and earmolds.  Request an application from Amy.  The foundation requests that a picture be included with the completed application form.

Travelers Protective Association Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired
The Travelers Protective Association of America established the TPA Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired to provide financial aid to children and adults who suffer deafness or hearing impairment and who need assistance in obtaining mechanical devices, medical or specialized treatment or specialized education as well as speech classes, note takers, interpreters, etc. and in other areas of need that are directly related to hearing impairment. To download an application,

visit or call 314-371-0533.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation, Inc.
The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to facilitating access to medical-related services that have the potential to significantly enhance either the clinical condition or the quality of life of the child and that are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan. This support is in the form of a medical grant to be used for medical services not covered or not completely covered by commercial health benefit plans. Website information:

Wheel to Walk Foundation

PO Box 20146

Portland, OR 97294

Phone: 503-257-1401



The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children with special needs.  We help children who experience difficulty obtaining funding from their insurance companies.  

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you are employed or seeking to be employed, the State of Or47

egon’s Vocational Rehabilitation Division may be able to help you

obtain hearing aids and other assistive technology to help you stay

or become employable.


Local organizations

Depending on where you live, other programs may be available to

you. The Blanche Fisher Foundation  is a possibility. And check with your Area Aging Agency or

your state assistive technologies director. In Oregon contact ATI (Access

Technologies, Inc. (800)677-7512 or info@accesstechnologies.

inc. Your county chapters of service groups such as Kiwanis, Knights

of Columbus, Masons, Optimists, Elks, Easter Seals, United Way and

Quota International may offer assistance. 


Elizabeth Church letter    
Hike Fund $4000  
United Healthcare $5000  
OCCYSHN Paper application $1500  
KEX Paper application $600 each  
Wheel to Walk $2000  
StoneRidge Paper application ?  
Elizabeth Church Letter    
Hike Fund $4000  
United Healthcare $5000  
Disabled Children’s Relief Fund $25-200 Sept.1st
TPA Scholarship $200-1000 March 1st
OCCYSHN Paper application $1500  
KEX Paper application $600  
OEA – earmolds only $100  
Wheel to Walk $2000  
StoneRidge Paper application ?  
United Healthcare $5000  
Hike Fund $4000  
Elizabeth Church in combo with another source letter    
OCCYSHN in combo with another source Paper application $1500